Employment Vetting

The importance of this type of investigation is generally under-emphasized. This is a vital part of the background checks performed before hiring, investing, or entering into business partnerships. Resumes are often doctored. Identity theft and impersonation are on the increase. Committing huge resources to an employee or a business could be a risky undertaking. Evaluate and mitigate your risks.

Alarm Systems

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Verifications have become an indispensable part of the investigative process. At SPG, we assist clients undertake Educational verifications Identity checks Driver License verifications Academic Transcript verifications Criminal records check

Monitoring / Surveillance

Surveillance can be performed in person or remotely through the use of drones and/or hidden cameras. We offer thorough investigations and analyses on your matters of interest. Our specialty is in: Static & Mobile Surveillance Infidelity Checks Observations & Counter-surveillance

Quality Assurance Quality Control (QAQC)

At SPG we ensure that only credible information is presented to clients. All information gathered in the field is subjected to additional scrutiny by supervisors, who make certain that any contradictions are flagged, analyzed, and double checked before presentation to client. A dedicated member of staff serves this purpose. Our clients enjoy knowing they have entrusted their case to a result driven, professional and discreet private security firm.

Superior Protection Ghana Limited

We are here to deliver client-focused, value-added investigative findings to meet your security need.

SPG provides a range of services to a substantial and diversified client base world-wide. SPG offers superior access to priority information. Our services are based on your request; we deliver client-focused, value-added investigative findings to meet your security need. Corporate organizations, government agencies, and individuals testify for our service standard.

Role of a Security Guard

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Crowd Control

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Powers of Arrest

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Patrol Techniques

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Use of Force

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First Aid

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